A Little Bit About Me

I’ll use this page to make periodic posts about imaginary world invention in the news, up-to-date research on the topic, and random acts of worldplay I have the good fortune to come across. But I’ll begin with a little bit about me.

I live in Michigan, and an old friend–the children’s book author Debbie Diesen–has been interviewing writers across the state for a Michigander Monday post on her blog, Jumping the Candlestick. You can read her interview with me at http://jumpingthecandlestick.blogspot.com/

Many years ago, Debbie told me about the imaginary world she invented as a child. I mention her in my book–anonymously. But I’m inspired by her blog to ask for details, details, details from the worldplaying individuals I continue to meet (current estimates say 11 to 12% of us indulged in worldplay as children, but more on that in another post). Debbie will be the first person on my list.

Check back soon for more!



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